Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Getting started: On XKCD

Late delivery, I know. Most unprofessional. Bear with me, people, it's been a rough day, and all I have to soothe my rather violent re-entry into atmosphere, so to speak, is a bottle of Bailey's and a glass. Right now what I need most is a warm pillow and a good night's sleep, but I don't think I'll get that if I don't calm my rather talkative conscience dissecting XKCD.
So, I'm gonna do what any self-respecting so-called journalist would do given my circumstances... I'm gonna half-ass a post. Aaaaaaaaand there we go:

XKCD is the quintessential geek comic. No wonder a lot of the time I find myself thinking: "It's funny because it's true". No one is safe from Randall Munroe and his wonderfully simple sense of humor. Secret agents, mathematicians, role players, lovers, philosophers, roommates and raptors alike are all portrayed through the unusual view (its madness lenses, to say it in a not entirely inaccurate simile) that is XKCD's real deal breaker. Even, occasionally, your mother enjoys the treatment.

Nights like these find me wondering...

I'll be very brief. It's difficult to talk about XKCD with any amount of precision. There's no familiar characters, no storylines, not even a regular, coherent style. Everything, from it's lackadaisical title to its seemingly infinite range of register and tone seems absolutely, marvelously random. However, there's a sense of hope, a continued optimistic philosophy that brings coherence to the strip. And that may be the single reason why I am in love with its antics.

If life gives you lemons...

Don't ask me why, because I sincerely have no idea, but XKCD consistently makes me chuckle. Maybe I will not engage in side-splitting laughter, maybe rolling on the floor is not bound to occur, but XKCD always brings a smile to my face. A simple pleasure, you might say. True, but it's also true that it's more than enough to relief the hopelessness, the lack of purpose in an often all too weary world.
So, give it an opportunity. It's random, it's quirky, it's weird, but it's also, for reasons that I don't begin to understand, one of the sweetest comics out there.

Tomorrow: Brief reccess: On Watchmen, movies and significance. A reflection on a reader's worst fears

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